Adelia Carrillo EventHi CMO, Covid-19, Virtual Events Episode 22

Adelia Carrillo EventHi CMO, Covid-19, Virtual Events Episode 22

Adelia and I are good friends, in the cannabis industry you have to band together with like minded people. She has seen the ups and downs of the industry and is powering in her role of CMO for EventHi. So when I gave her a hit on social media looking to talk she definitely looking to share.

In the event landscape, there are not many options for cannabis brands/events to promote conferences, mixers, brand launches etc. Her fiancé Ali Fakhri saw this need and launched the first cannabis focused ticketing platform and promotional company EventHi. Before the Covid-19 virus business was booming, event after event was coming on and for the young startup life was looking amazing. Everything changed once the global pandemic hit.

In episode 22, Adelia and I cover the challenges for the cannabis space with respect to event planning and execution with EventHi providing a valuable resource to these businesses… but she goes one step further.

Virtual events are the wave of the future as we converse about the combination of physical and virtual events. Cost savings, better engagement for brands and attendees in my vision I see a Sims trade show style engagement. Imagine being able to virtually walk a show early, then having exactly who you want to meetup with once you are walking the show. AMAZING!!!!

In this episode Adelia and I also touch on the need to listen to the guidance of shelter in place, avoiding big crowds and while she is seeing all of her events planned for the next 60 to 90 days reschedule, she is confident that when we come out of this we will all be working together even better than before.

Cannabis events or people looking to see what is going on in the industry make sure sign up here EventHi follow them on Instagram You can also contact Adelia Carrillo on LinkedIN. And in the words of Adelia, Be Kind to each other!