David Tran Farechild, Covid-19, Cabo San Lucas, Serial Networker episode 21

David Tran Farechild, Covid-19, Cabo San Lucas, Serial Networker episode 21

If you are in the cannabis industry it would be impossible for someone not to know David Tran, heck I am certain you went to a Golden Ticket party.

He is the co-founder of Dope Magazine, Farechild and Goldfingers Group; on IG he is the Tranimal Chronicles and if you run into him at a tradshow or on a plane he is easily distinguishable by his well put together outfits, coiffed hair and the ever present Daydream Electroforming gold plated cannabis bud around his neck.

Over Facebook Messenger, David and I discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and his decision to remain in Cabo San Lucas extending his annual anniversary trip with his family out of concern to protect and remain in place to diminish the spread of the virus as we know it.

Listen as we talk about the need for cannabis community, how to stick together and the importance of events for the space to create networking opportunities. The best way; not the easy way is how Farechild Events has put on events in the space since their formation in mid 2019. Starting with MJBiz in Las Vegas they continued bringing energy and focus to intimate events such as Urbana’s party in SF to out of industry events like Andrew Yang’s Presidential bid.

As if all of the above would be enough David Tran founded Cowgirls Inc. also sits on the boards of Intev Technologies, Sensi Magazine, AMMA Healing, Herban Legends and Trigrow Systems.

The messaging that you should take away from this podcast is that the currency of people, reputation, integrity and love is what will persevere after this pandemic passes. David Tran has so much to give to the cannabis space please reach out to him via Instagram @tranimalchronicles @thefarechild @goldfingersgroup or on his LinkedIn FatherTran