Bethany Moore Activist, Poet, Podcaster, NCIA, Howl at the Moon, Covid-19, Episode 35

Bethany Moore Activist, Poet, Podcaster, NCIA, Howl at the Moon, Covid-19, Episode 35

As Communications Manager for NCIA, Bethany Moore leads us down the path of events (on it’s 10th year of existence), Covid-19 and how the industry is pivoting. We start off talking about how the space is evolving around content creation, why it is important for her to focus on blogs, podcasts and videos to consume.

The topic around cannabis being deemed essential is a big deal. Bethany discusses the impact of states acknowleding the need for cannabis and while at first banning all cannabis sales in multiple regions around the US those decisions were quickly reversed in San Francisco and Colorado to name a few. The hope of this designation will lead to safe banking for the cannabis industry.

Let’s get political, NCIA website has a plethora of information for your voting options a we careen towards this 2020 election for President. If you visit NCIA Candidates you can look at how these politicians have voted in support of cannabis policy, very important if you want to see the plant continue to progress in the Unites States. GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

Howl at The Moon!!!! Bethany is a study of paganism, that’s right she is a witch. 8pm everyday she participates in howling at the moon, giving energy to mother earth and focusing on the balance of life. Having been a pagan from early on in life it is her main source of peace and love.

Her passion is poetry, she is the author of 3 books of poetry and one dark fairy tale. She states she has to do open mics, its cathartic for her and she encourages people to get out of their element and be passionate.

You can buy Bethany Moore poetry here on Amazon, look her up on LinkedIN and on Instagram @beatnikbetty and @nationalcannabisindustry