Champelli The Bay Area, Prison, Artist, 20 SEEDS, Gentlemens Game, Mac Dre, Covid-19 Episode 34

Champelli The Bay Area, Prison, Artist, 20 SEEDS, Gentlemens Game, Mac Dre, Covid-19 Episode 34


Before there was Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb or any other weed mogul there was Joseph Rutherford aka Champelli.

In the early 90’s, it was the real first strain to blow up the bay area, hip hop artists Snoop Dogg, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, B-Real, Yukmouth and the legend Mac Dre all rapped about the Champelli. “I need some Mary Jane, some Champelli mane a smelly thang Joe Pelli is my relli mane” – Mac Dre.

Joe is not just a weed guy, his passion is music. He is a musician, a record label and producer. He has worked with Britney Spears, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas and more. After years of building his career and literally everything about to blow up he got tipped off his name was circulating around a RICO case. So he bounced, moved to Europe pushing through Amsterdam and Spain while still smoking weed even doing a growing stint in Switzerland. But after a decade, the Bay Area was calling his name. He came back thinking that he was in the clear only to get wrapped up, he did a 6 month prison stint (as if he needed the street cred) with 3 years probation on the back end…for cannabis.

One would think he would stay away from the cannabis industry, even as it became more mainstream with big money coming in, brands white labeling cannabis like t-shirts he felt compelled to do what was right. Bring it back. Joe decided he was going to work hard at getting the brand back to its revered status, growing in small batches perfecting his strains. He made a commitment to look for the right partner for the Champagne of cannabis.

Joe is intent on working with prison reform advocates to get the low level drug offender criminals out of prison, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic happening. It is time for justice and to do what is right.

Pray for Champelli!

Make sure to keep an eye on Champelli follow on Instagram @champelli415 and visit his website where you can get the first rounds of Champelli Clothing . If you want to go in deep to really watch everything visit his Link Tree